0 Gia & Charlie in LA

A good record is like a collection of story stories: each track is its own little ecosystem, complete yet leaves us wanting more.

To describe the newest album from Modern Songbook Records as anything but a collection would be a disservice to the vast array of styles and moods created by composer Charlie Barnett and vocalist Gia Mora. Whether you’re in the mood for  Peggy Lee, Joni Mitchell, Aaron Neville, or Kander and Ebb, Gia Mora Sings Charlie Barnett offers that and more.

Gia and Charlie are thrilled to sing tracks from the new album live in Los Angeles on Friday, June 6th at Room 5. Come check out the show, watch the sizzle reel, and stay in touch. We’ll let you know when you can pre-order the record (and receive a free MP3!).

0 Those who can… teach!

Gia and Charlie are excited to announce that they’ll be Guest Artists at University of Colorado, Denver, this April before performing EINSTEIN’S GIRL at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret. How exciting!

Upcoming Gia/Charlie Shows
Saturday, Feb. 15 – Washington, DC – EINSTEIN’S GIRL – Bethesda Blues & Jazz
Sunday, March 2 – New York, NY – Guest Artists – Entertaining Science
Friday, March 7 – Easton, PA – Debut of MODERN SONGBOOK, Gia & Charlie’s new show! – State Theatre
Saturday, March 15 – Los Angeles, CA – EINSTEIN’S GIRL – Room 5
Sunday, April 6 – Denver, CO – EINSTEIN’S GIRL – Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

0 We’re Chaise Lounge from the USA; You Must Be the UK

Thanks to Ann Alex of northeast England’s Bebop Spoken Here jazz blog for this astute review of Dot Dot Dot:

Charlie Barnett (guitar, piano, tenor banjo); Tommy Barrick (drums); Gary Gregg (tenor sax, clarinet); Joe Jackson (trombone); Marilyn Older (vocals); Pete Ostle (bass)

I enjoyed this CD so much that I played it twice, and no reviewer can give higher praise than that. And the inserts were a reviewer’s dream – all the song words were supplied, with a short and accurate description of each track, photos of all the musicians, not just the vocalist, and musicians listed as above in an egalitarian way, the drummer not left till last, nor the vocalist mentioned first. The impression given is one of genuine teamwork.

And the CD is full of jaunty fun, only one sad song, a CD suitable for parties and also for quiet listening. Indeed many tracks are very danceable too, so I’d recommend this disc to our local Newcastle Swing Dancers. It includes “Let’s Face The Music And Dance,” played with a distinct two-beat. There are 3 other standards; “Cool” (from West Side Story), “Via Con Me,” and “Old Man River.” Nine tracks are originals with lively, witty lyrics, and there is a short joke track which you can use to check out your stereo! Many of the original songs have a jazzy 1930s feel. To quote from one of the track descriptions for “It’s Always You,” “…Tommy Barrick’s groove with Pete Ostle is insistent and funky, the horn lines are as hip as can be, and the melody is an ear-worm….” For an example of amusing lyrics I quote from “I Just Want All My Stuff” (a song about divorce): “He hopes that we’ll stay friends/and that we’ll stay in touch/Me? I’m kind of hoping/He gets run down by a bus.” The title track, “Dot Dot Dot,” is about a love affair seen as sailing through choppy waters, so Morse Code is part of the song. Other song themes include a fantasy about little blue men, loving a man because of his trendy car and complaining about a date who keeps you waiting. The instrumental of “Old Man River” is fast with a stunning drum solo.

Chaise Lounge have been together for 12 years, are well known in the USA, and have 6 albums to their credit. The CD was issued in September on Modern Songbook Records.

Ann Alex

0 Touring with Gia Mora and Her New CD

Gia MoraAs you may know, I am the musical director for Gia Mora, the brilliant writer and producer of a one-woman cabaret show called Einstein’s Girl. In this show, Gia has managed to take the latest concepts in theoretical physics, the Big Bang, and the experience of falling in love, and come up with a unified theory that ties them all together. We have been performing the show coast to coast, garnering rave reviews (including perhaps the only ink I’ll ever get in Scientific American). We will be back in New York at the Metropolitan Room this Saturday, October 12th. Then on Friday, October 18th, we’re playing in my hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania. If you come, please introduce yourself! By the way, the CD of the show is out on my label, Modern Songbook Records.